New Shelby GT500 Caught On Video

When we drove the GT350 around Pocono Raceway, we thought that it couldn’t get any better than the GT350R. The high revving Voodoo V8 engine pushing out 526 horsepower coupled with MASSIVE brakes and intelligent Magneride suspension, is just the recipe for high performance thrills and short lap times. But we always thought there was something that the Ford Performance folks have been hiding, and it’s evident in the name. The GT350 is not the Shelby GT500, therefore SOMETHING was obviously in the works. I mean the blue oval boys must be working on an answer to the upcoming 650 horsepower ZL1, right?! Enter the rumored GT500…gt500-spy-3gt500-spy-2
We are about 99.9% sure this is the GT500 disguised in GT350 clothing and some standard ugly camouflage. From the videos and the pictures, we shouldn’t expect any body changes behind the front clip of the new Shelby, but the front fascia might receive some significant tweaking if the GT500 is to stand out amongst its lean little brothers. We should expect some sort of forced induction in the form of twin-turbochargers in the next trim, possibly pushing the car near the 800 horsepower region. If that is the case, then Chevrolet and Dodge should be getting back to their drawing boards, and they should come up with something quick.

(Source: SVTPerformance)


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