The Greatest Commercial Ever Made Involves Rolling A Duct Taped Car

Yes, this is a commercial. And no, we are not ashamed of posting it. In fact, if you only watch one commercial today, then this 5 minute advertisement should be it.

The product is called FiberFix and if you’re a fan of Shark Tank then you’ve seen this product before. It’s basically a specialized blend of resin and industrial grade fibers. The tape/fiber cloth is water activated where it hardens after a while.

The video, however dramatized, claims the roll-cage was not welded at the joints and is only secured via the product. The end result shows that it’s nearly infinitely better than the duct-tape version. Which isn’t a surprise if you understand the science behind the product. Duct-tape’s structural strength lies primarily in the tear resistance of the tape’s fibers. This works well if the ‘fixed’ component has to resist stresses in the tensile direction, however, it will readily buckle as it provides no structural rigidity in other directions. The FiberFix product on the other hand provides for a more rigid connection due to the chemical reaction between the fibers and the resins.

Putting the engineering aside, the video is pretty hilarious and is worth your 5 minutes:
Here’s the Shark Tank episode in case you were curious:

(Source: FiberFix)


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