The Ultimate Hot Wheels Road Trip

For most of us, our first cars went as fast as gravity could take them. These tiny beginnings of passion for cars inspired us to create ever more dangerous tracks and push the limits of what a Hot Wheels car could do. Today as our cars grow faster and more expensive, its important to look back on the humble beginnings of our love affair with cars, and appreciate just how far we’ve come.

The YouTube Channel 5MadMovieMakers have devoted much of their time to creating one of the greatest Hot Wheels road trips ever attempted. They attached a GoPro to the Hot Wheels so you get an amazing first person view as the car travels from location to location. This insane track consists of 10 different stages ranging from a backyard hill to an underwater journey in a community pool. Each of these stages is link by a “Teleportation Tunnel” allowing the film to seamlessly cut to a new location.

Now Sit back relax and watch the Hot Wheels road trip of your dreams.


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