Three Reasons Why The F430 Challenge Race Car Is Terrible For The Street

As Doug DeMuro perfectly stated in his column for AutoTrader, the F430 Challenge “isn’t some regular F430 that’s been modified and lowered, such as a ’94 Integra. This is a Ferrari-built race car, designed for racing on racetracks and next to other race cars.” So when he took said F430 Challenge on the streets of Philadelphia, he quickly discovered that some cars were never meant to leave the race track.

In this awesome test drive video, Doug points out all the interesting details that a dedicated race car has, like that lack of keys, lack of power anything, and the lack of anything that resembles the desire to improve the human condition. In a race car you will sweat, you will tire, and you will hurt from all of the jarring movements and awful heat. Human comfort is a mere convenience sacrificed for the greater good: High Performance.

Taking this Italian dedicated race car on the street, Doug quickly finds that the Heat, the Bumps, and the Noise, are reasons enough for the F430 Challenge to stay on the race track.

(Source: AutoTrader & Doug DeMuro)


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