Your Miniature Trophy Truck Racing Series is Finally Here

Do you have dreams of piloting a high-powered trophy truck over massive jumps and rugged back roads? Are you also semi wealthy, with the means to purchase a new M3 or Z06 Corvette, but want to go fast off the road? Well, the French maniacs at Mitjet have the answer for you, The MitJet OFFROAD trophy truck.

Mitjet hosts a number of racing series which are meant to be affordable and accessible for amateur drivers looking to experience the excitement of Motorsports. For example, the highly popular Mitjet 2L racing series features miniature touring cars powered by high revving 4-cylinder engines and sequential gearboxes going head to head on various track throughout the world. The promise of accessible Motorsports excitement is what makes this company so special.  Mitjet designs their products to be strong and safe, while remaining easy and affordable to repair and maintain. The whole concept is that you can race in a highly competitive Motorsports series without a pit crew, or list of sponsors to pick up the tab. After the resounding success of their road car racing series Mitjet plans to branch out to a trophy truck style off-road series.

The first Mitjet OFFROADs will go on sale this January for 70,000 or $78,195 at exchange rates as of 01-AUG-2016. This may seem like a lot for a toy but I’d like to see your M3 of Porsche Cayman survive a jump on these off-road courses. The Mitjet OFFROAD is powered by a 325 horsepower 3.5 liter V6 engine mated to a 6-speed sequential gearbox and features over 15 inches of suspension travel front and rear. At 2,400 lbs this miniature trophy truck promises to be the fun off-road vehicle you wish your Ford Raptor was.


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