Another Moron Bites The Dust

“Let the Wookie win,” is a phrase you have to constantly remind yourself when driving right next to an 18-wheeler, or some other extremely large, blindspot-ridden vehicle. They already have the difficult task of transporting hundreds of thousands of pounds of goods in a timely manner, in addition to navigating the rubik’s cube like contraption, that is a truck’s transmission. So when you see them traveling on the road, do them a favor and let them win.

Unlike what this person did, as seen in the dashcam footage from Russia. The Toyota was clearly impatient to overtake the dashcam car and managed to drive on the emergency lane, just to get one position further up in the race that is called commuting.

The Toyota driver got greedy and also decided to overtake the 18-wheeler. Unbeknownst to them, the emergency lane quickly became a merging lane, which also quickly turned into not a road at all. Probably fearing for their life(s) and potentially losing traction, the Toyota lunged back into the road and quickly became sideways. You can watch the video to see what happens next.

So the next time you see an 18-wheeler, just “let the Wookie win.” Not being a reckless driver also helps.

Just in case you want to see how difficult driving a truck can be, just look at what it takes to shift gears in an 18 wheeler:

(Source: Youtube)


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