The Acura TL Peaked in High School

The third generation Acura TL represented the best of mid 2000’s Honda, it perfectly blended a stout reliable drive train with a well sorted chassis to create a legitimate sport sedan. This generation TL quickly became the greatest sports sedan built by Acura, and has yet to be eclipsed today. Although subsequent models of the TL, or whatever they call it these days, never lived up to the standards set by third generation, we can still appreciate these older models as incredible sport sedan bargains. Today Matt Farah drives a full bolt on 2007 TL Type S and rediscovers this forgotten sport sedan.

With cars like the BMW 3-Seires and Audi A4 set in it sights, the Acura TL had a very difficult task at hand.  This segment of cars is particularly difficult to break into with a front wheel drive sedan including minimal badge power and no loyal fan base. Although the TL was never able to beat the Germans, it found a way to carve out its own niche in the market for a well made sport sedan that had a much lower cost to operate. The reliable TL couldn’t match the performance of its rivals, but today it more than makes up for it with Honda legendary reliability.

The Acura TL featured in today’s one take has over 100,000 miles but can still survive a fast blast through the canyons of California. In addition to the strong drivetrain, the interior of these cars has held up remarkably well and only suffers from very minor electrical glitches which, are expected in a 10-year-old car. The simple exterior lines of the TL mean it still looks good to this day and looks far batter than other cars from a decade ago. This timeless sport sedan still has a lot to offer someone looking for a fun to drive sedan with some added luxury.


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