Brutal Crash Captured On Dashcam. Yes It Was In Russia

In our series of “Terrible Footage Out Of Russia” we have yet another entry into the growing list of terrible crashes as a result of terrible drivers. This time the perpetrator was a high speeding SUV, an Infiniti FX, while the two victims were a black BMW X3 and the car operating the dash cam.

The perp was traveling at a very high speed down a straight busy road. A bold move given the high concentration of traffic in the opposite direction, and the beautiful Russian weather conditions of wintry mix and road grime, made the tarmac highly suspect. Not realizing how fast they were going, the Infiniti quickly slammed on their brakes and tried their best to slow down. However, they were quickly met with the gruesome and hateful bitch, the laws of physics. The small patch of frozen rubber on the front axles of the Infiniti was not able to stop the lumbering giant, resulting in a very high speed impact with the unsuspecting Bimmer.

Let this be a reminder that no car equipment is going to be a good enough substitute for vigilant and cautious driving. No amount of All-Wheel Drive or serious snow tires are going to be good to prevent careless and reckless acts of driving. Be careful out there and don’t be an idiot!

(Source: Youtube)


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