Ford Mustang GT Drag Races Ford Focus RS And The Result Is Not What I Expected

Ford has been putting out some incredibly good performance cars the past few years. That’s not a product placement, that’s just a fact. The Mustang GT, Focus RS/ST, Fiesta ST, and Mustang GT350 are all excellent performance buys in their own right. With the coming Ford GT, they’re set to have a lineup that’s hard to match across the industry.

So what would happen if we took 2 of the most sought after models and put them in a drag race? Top Gear Magazine did exactly that and pitted the Focus RS against the Mustang GT. The RS is aided by all-wheel drive while the Mustang has the power advantage by 85 horses. It’s an interesting test for what happens when you pit two very differently performing cars against each other in a straight line. Each of them cost right around $40,000. So is there a straight line difference?

Honestly, the result surprised me.

I thought the lighter weight and better traction of the RS would have taken it, but the power of the Mustang’s V8 gave it enough juice to come behind for the victory. This just goes to show that regardless of the differences in drivetrain, power, weight, and driver, cars can compete with each other all over the automotive spectrum.

(Source: YouTube)


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