This Car Just Beat The Porsche 918. Still Don’t Know It Yet?

Not too long ago this electric car just beat the LaFerrari and the Tesla P90D. Accomplishing such tasks is no small feat, but yet this small and still relatively unknown car called the Rimac Concept One managed to spank one-third of the Holy Trinity. Now it has been matched up with another member of the Holy Trinity, the Porsche 918, at drag strip. Take a look at the clip by Salomondrin below:

The Porsche 918 was beaten consistently to the point where the race became a test of reflexes and a test of driver’s ability to execute perfect launches and shifts for the 918 to win.

We think you know where we want to see this go: How will it do against the last part of the Holy Trinity, the McLaren P1! Someone please make that happen IMMEDIATELY!

rimac_concept_one7 rimac_concept_one6 rimac_concept_one5 rimac_concept_one4 rimac_concept_one3 rimac_concept_one2

(Source: Salomondrin)


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