This Jeremy Clarkson Interview Explains Why He’s The Best Automotive Journalist… In The World

If you haven’t seen ‘Love The Beast’, do yourself a favor and check it out on Netflix. It’s a documentary about Eric Bana and a lifetime’s worth of ownership of a Ford XB Falcon that he modified and raced in the Targa Tasmania, a tarmac based rally event that takes place in Tasmania, Australia. In the documentary, Bana talks to Jeremy Clarkson and talks about the love of cars and seeks advice on what to do with his wrecked XB Falcon.

The interview gives a glimpse into both of the men’s automotive passions and does it in a way that’s unlike most interviews that occur with Jezza. The 22 minute interview covers a more serious side of Jeremy and he peels back the layers explaining why we inexplicably love certain cars, and why we develop a special relationship between ourselves and the machine.

Perhaps this explains why he loves this list of cars and hates these other ones.


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