Trump Isn’t The Only Victim From Saturday Night Live. Honda Got Their Fair Share

Saturday Night Live has been known for shredding political candidates for many decades, and the latest episode spared no punches for the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump. But the latest SNL episode, now in its 42nd season, also targeted Honda and its robotics program, Honda’s Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility, or better known as ASIMO. We’ve covered ASIMO before during the 2014 New York International Auto Show, as he was strutting his stuff around on stage.


SNL is no stranger to the automotive industry, just take a look at their 9,648 AA battery powered Mercedes Benz. This time Honda is the butt of the joke as DASIMO and DASIMA, presumably ASIMO’s improved brother and sister, got pretty shredded on SNL. Emily Blunt and new cast member Mikey Day plays an accurate servant robot worthy of hors d’oeuvres duty. Come see for yourself!

(Source: SNL)


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