5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand New Car

So you brought home your shiny new car, checked your emptied bank account, and now it’s time to drive your new ride. Buying a new car comes with a lot of questions but one of the most disputed aspects of new car ownership is the “Break in Period.” This crucial time period of driving your new car is one the automotive gray areas that needs clarification. Lucky for us we have an engineer here to explain how to prepare your new car for long and healthy life.

The internal combustion process is abusive, to say the least, and prepping your engine for years of punishment starts with the first few miles. There are schools of thought that suggest high load driving situations perfectly seat the new piston rings, and ensure maximum performance, but a little research shows this will have the opposite effect. Rather than take the unnecessary risk of a high load break in, consult your owners manual first and see what the manufacturer recommends. Nobody wants your car to perform more than the company that built it, and the information they provide will be crucial to starting your cars life on the right foot.

Instead of following old wives tales, there is a perfect science to breaking in your engine the right way. In basic terms avoid high rpm driving and full throttle acceleration, your engine needs time to wear in before tackling spirited driving. During break-in avoid staying at a constant rpm like cruising on the highway and try to vary it in the lower ends on the tach. Other than that avoid towing things with your new car as this extra load will stress your new engine, and your brand new breaks and tires need time before they are running at peak performance. For a more in-depth description, our friend Jason Fenske is here to make sure your start off your new car’s life on the right foot:

(Source: Engineering Explained)


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