Finally A Good Car Commercial

Here at Shifting Lanes, we’ve been quite harsh on the current crop of car commercials. None of them have been enjoyable to watch or captured our attention. That is until we saw Volvo’s latest ad. The lovable Swedish auto manufacturer has given us hope in car commercials with their new S90 ad set to Walt Whitman’s poem, Song of the Open Road.

Commercials don’t have to be about raw facts and instead can evoke a strong emotional connection with a story and who better to tell that story than Walt Whitman. The poem, Song of the Open Road, focuses on the road’s ability to bring people together and offer adventure to all who seek it. It promotes the quest for new experiences and instead of staying in one place for too long challenges you to go out and seek adventure.

This is the beauty of owning a car and Volvo believes their new S90 sedan will take you where ever your road will lead you.We don’t need actors telling us X car looks like Y car, instead, a simple reminder of the power of the automobile is more than enough to rouse an emotional response in all of us.


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