VIDEO: Cops Dressed As Construction Workers Bust Drivers For Texting

This topic is guaranteed to raise some eyebrows. We’re all aware of the dangers of distracted driving, specifically driving and texting. The risks are high enough and the occurrence often enough that we should just avoid it at all costs. However, with the prevalence of smartphones and our constant notification-based existence, that temptation to check your phone every once in a while has never been higher. So, it won’t hurt if we check it at stop lights, right? Wrong! And don’t let these disguised cops catch you in the act:

We’re torn about this issue. Distracted driving is a dangerous thing but we want to condone the use of common sense over absolutes. Using your phone to check directions or catch up on late-breaking texts/notifications should totally be fine when your car isn’t moving. While we don’t care about them disguising themselves to catch people in the act, fining those drivers who are checking their phones while they’re safely stopped seems a bit too excessive.

(Source: YouTube)


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