Every Enthusiast In The World Needs This Mini Lift In Their Lives

There’s not much to this video. Not much except the single tool that I think should belong in every enthusiast’s garage ever.

Jacks and lifts obviously come in handy when performing maintenance or other random tasks on your car. The standard jack that comes with your car is useful in a pinch, but when you really need something stable a lift is the way to go. Putting a lift in your own garage is pretty time and money consuming so for us mere mortals, that’s out. A more stable jack is also good, but they can be pricey and don’t get the entire car off the ground as they’re usually just for one side. Ramps are another good option, but the car is still under the full load of its own weight.

How about something that is a lift, can be stored on your garage wall, is powered by a drill, and looks like it’ll hold your car no sweat? Oh also it tilts. I’m sold. This thing looks so shady, but holy shit do I want this.

Is there something like this out there for sale? Let us know and we’ll add it here!

(Source: YouTube)


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