Guy Shows What To Do When Pulled Over. Also Shows How Cops Can Get Hurt On The Job

Getting pulled over by the cop sucks. A million thoughts run through your head as you see those blue and red lights in your rear view mirror. How many points am I going to get because of this? How expensive is this ticket going to be? How is my insurance going to be affected by this? Will I be able to pay for this ticket? All of these questions raises your stress and will affect how you interact with the officer. In some cases people don’t get the outcome they desired or worse, getting themselves hurt, because they simply don’t know how to behave around a police officer in these situations. And whether you are carrying a handgun at the time adds to the complexity of the traffic stop.

This video shows how to properly behave when pulled over by the police officer: Have your license and registration ready, and have both hands visible to the officer at all times. The video also shows the various ways a police officer can get hurt on the job when pulling someone over, which should give you a glimpse into a police officer’s mindset and the risks they expose themselves to on a daily basis. Some cops may have bad intentions, but don’t let the actions of those affect how you behave in these situations.

(Source: YouTube)


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