Road Rage: This Is Why You Keep Your Windows Closed

Road rage, we all have it, some in greater form than others. You feel just a slight tinge of it when someone goes the speed limit in the left lane, and you feel it a lot more when someone cuts you off out of nowhere or flips you the bird. And when you feel all of that rage you are just naturally inclined to let it all loose by being as big of a douche as the other guy.

Thanks to the magical invention of dash cams, that road rage event where two wrongs DEFINITELY do not make a right was all caught on film. The repercussion of not letting the other guy win led to an all out chemical warfare, where the driver of the Mercedes assaulted the driver of the Volkswagen.

We’re hoping justice is served to the pepper-spray-wielding driver as the dashcam only shows so much. So let this also be a fair warning to those who are inclined to engage in road rage behavior, sometimes you just don’t know what the other guy is capable of, and they may just take it one step further.

Also… Keep your windows closed

(Source: YouTube)


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