Someone Has 3D Printed An LS3 Motor. And It Works.

This is not just some silly little 3D printed piece of plastic that you’d get at an auto show as a premium. No, this is much, MUCH cooler than that.

With the introduction of 3D printing to mainstream application, it has revolutionized out lives in ways we never thought possible. They have 3D printed a heart that has changed lives. Hell, even Koenigsegg has 3D printed a turbo. Once the technology becomes stable enough for mass commercial use, we could see 3d printed cars that last hundreds of thousands of miles. They’ve already printed working cars anyway.

But this one is really cool. Someone has gone to the trouble to 3D print a working model of an LS3 motor. Check it out below.

I don’t know about you, but I wish I had this kind of know-how. Amazing stuff here.

Hat Tip to our reader Christopher!


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