The Most Dangerous Roads You Probably Don’t Know About

This is more than dangerous curves. These twenty roads are truly hazardous for your health because of various factors like the chance of flooding, roads actually crumbling, poor markings, and even some bad guys! Yes, there are terrorists, looters, and bandits along some of these roads. These factors combined with drivers not having any common sense or just having some bad luck has resulted in many crashes, people getting stranded, and in most cases deaths. Despite the dangers, some of these roads are just plain gorgeous as they switch back and forth cutting into the hills and mountainside.

We know for sure Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have gone on some of these roads on their adventures in old Top Gear, such as the Stelvio Pass. If we can recall they had their fair share of heart attacks. We think they should revisit some of these roads in the all new Grand Tour!

Check out the other 10 in the video below

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