This Coyote Engine Swapped Porsche Cayman Is The Supercar Slayer Of Your Dreams

The Porsche Cayman is the car of choice for track day aficionados who can afford more than a mere Miata. Caymans are endlessly modified to perform better on track and their mid-engined layout makes them a great platform to start with. One of the Cayman’s biggest limitations is the engine which, requires a large investment to produce big power. So when the owner of this 2006 Cayman blew his engine, he turned to Ford for a new power plant. The owner sent his Cayman to Limitless Motorworks in Miami to swap in Ford’s 5.0L Aluminator crate engine in place of the Flat-6 he blew up at its first track day. As Matt Farah demonstrates in his latest One Take, this swap proved to be cost effective while producing the ultimate unification of German engineering and American Muscle.

Driving a pint size Porsche with a massive American V8 is like dating the athletic girl from high school except now she has a coke addiction. The welcomed power increase turns the Cayman from a capable track day car into a weapon. The Aluminator V8 produces sufficient power throughout the rev range while still promoting trips to the high redline. The tactile feel of the Porsche controls remains unchanged even after this insane transplant. The V8 is still mated to the stock Cayman 6-Speed manual transmission which, promotes frequent downshifts to exercise the full race exhaust. In addition to the new power plant and the engineering needed to fit it, Limitless Motorworks spent a great deal of time tuning the Chassis and corner balancing the new KW coil overs. This extra time spent fine tuning the car ensured it was more than a $100,00o Cayman with a big engine.

This V8 transplant turns the Cayman into a mini Ferrari that can take on almost any challenger on the race track. This unlikely pairing turned out to be the perfect recipe for a track Cayman gone mad while being more affordable than a Porsche engine replacement. This owner was a pioneer for this build spending the extra money needed to make a build like this a reality. The shop claims they can now build you this car for the low price of $70,000 plus the car. That may sound like a lot but for a driving experience like this, it’s well worth the money.


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