WATCH: How Car Designs Evolved From Boxy To Curvy

Some of our readers may just be old enough to have driven or even bought one of these really old boxy cars. No, we’re not talking about the first generation Scion xB type of boxy, we’re going way further back like the 1985 Lincoln Town Car. That limousine-tank hybrid, which might as well have been made out of a solid chunk of steel, was nearly indestructible and looked the part. The straight-edged lines and three-boxed design was an OCD engineer’s dream.

Nowadays, when you look around you the simple boxy design of the classic Town Car is nowhere to be found, save for your neighbor’s yard where it’s sitting on the grass and missing parts. Today you can only find bulbous cars that seemed to have been designed by clay sculptors who got lazy and put their sculptures in the wind tunnel and set it on ‘High’. Which got us asking: “At what point did our cars turn from sterile boxlike objects to curvy and highly expressive vehicles?”

Well, there’s a video for that!

(Source: YouTube)


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