Cold Weather, Snow, Summer Tires, And Dodge Viper. What Do You Think Is Going To Happen?

The combination of summer tires and cold weather is a disaster waiting to happen. When you mix that recipe with an insane Dodge Viper, you’re bound to run into a complete catastrophe. But is that really always the case? Doug DeMuro has gone on to investigate just what would happen if you take something that is very deadly, a Dodge Viper without ABS, and combine it with highly unfavorable driving conditions, like slush, rain, and the cold. All of these elements point to something unpleasant, but just as Mr. DeMuro has pointed out, anything is possible as long as you’re not a moron.

We can’t stress this enough: Don’t try this at home. Driving in these conditions are generally unsafe as slush, ice, and snow makes traction an intangible thing. Regardless of what wheel-drive you have, stopping any 3,500+ pound vehicle in these conditions is a tall order. Don’t let the AWD or 4×4 badge behind your car tell you otherwise.

(Source: YouTube)


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