What Happens When A Nismo GT-R Meets A Tuned GT-R In A Drag Race?

The debate between Built VS. Bought has gone on for a long time between enthusiasts. And this video between a Nissan GT-R NISMO edition and a tuned Nissan GT-R called “Bronzilla” is the perfect example of that debate put down on asphalt. The GT-R NISMO comes with an awful sticker shock, and with that price you get a 600 brake horsepower and 481 lb-ft of torque out of the hand assembled 3.8 liter V6 twin-turbo. Meanwhile, the tuned “Bronzilla” comes in at a much higher 660 horsepower with a slick matte wrap job.

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Our friends at Carthrottle has done an awesome job comparing these two around the track for some lap times and a drag race. What they’ve found is quite a bit surprising, as these two very similar vehicles are clearly built for very different purposes.

(Source: CarThrottle)


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