This Street Race Doesn’t Have A Hollywood Ending

We’ve been watching too many movies to think this filmed street race was going to end well. The race between a BMW convertible and whatever this dashcam was equipped to ended in a terrible crash inside a tunnel in China. The driver of the gold BMW was shifting lanes (YES!) and cut off the white crossover (perhaps a BMW X4) on the right lane. The dashcam driver followed suit, however the opening was rapidly closing as another car on the left lane was not going the same racing speed as everyone else.

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This video proves that there’s an element that we forget about street racing: The street part. No matter how skilled you think you are at driving, there’s always the element of uncertainty and randomness in the environment. In this video, that randomness came in the form of a slower driver in the fast lane and an irate driver that was just cut off. So the next time you want to attempt a street race or just to drive like an asshole, just remember there’s a lot of variables that are out of your control.

(Source: YouTube)


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