Why You Should Wear A Seatbelt While Drifting

Who doesn’t put their seat belt on anymore, really? The constant chime reminding you to put it on should drive you insane within three seconds. Putting on your seat belt is such a simple act, and once you get into a routine it becomes as habitual as starting the car itself. Lets not forget the benefits of having your seatbelt on, too.

  1. Your chances of dying or getting hurt decreases dramatically with a seat belt on.
  2. You won’t get pulled over for not having a seatbelt on.
  3. You won’t look ridiculous when you’re drifting

After seeing this video the third point is completely legitimate. If you can ignore the insane music you’ll notice that he was on his way to chaining some decent drifts together. Unfortunately, something weird happened that caused him to jolt out of his seat. If he had his seatbelt on the entire time he may have been able to connect that spinout into something epic. Instead we got this hilarious twelve second video.

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(Source: YouTube)


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