This 330WHP Civic Si Is Old School Tuning At Its Best

Before horsepower was a simple ECU flash away it was hard to come by. In the age of forced induction, we are spoiled by the ease which power is extracted from engines. One tuning shop that keeps it old school is NA Performance helmed by Emmanuel Burciaga. This mad Honda tuner specializes in all motor Civic builds. Naturally, his personal car is one if his maddest creations. His 8th gen all-motor Civic Si sedan is the pinnacle of old school Honda tuning.

Extracting a staggering 330WHP from an N/A four cylinder is no easy task. It takes Honda parts bin raiding and some trick engineering to reliably produce 132whp per liter. Emmanuel built a 2.5-liter stroker engine based on the bottom end of a K24 from Acura TSX and the modified head of a K20 from an 8th gen Si. Along with the help of E85 and an entire bible of other parts, this is one fast Civic. Emmanuel claims a quarter mile time of only 11.3 seconds at 124 miles per hour. Even more impressive, that sprint requires 4 shifts.

Sure you can make more power with a turbo. But all motor builds like this are something special. Making this level of horsepower from a screaming VTEC engine is something the future will miss out on. As we take the easy way out and make power with forced induction let us remember our humble tuning past.


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