Is The Dodge Demon A Drag Specialist?

It appears that the rest of 2017 will be filled with teasers for both the upcoming Star Wars movie and the Challenger Demon; not that anyone is complaining about either. Dodge released another teaser video today detailing the suspension of the beast that they are about to unleash upon the world.

No one seems to know what exactly “Third Law” means but, hey, it’s provocative. It appears to have a magnetically adjustable rear suspension that can be set up for drag mode. Fiat Chrysler is about as tight-lipped about this project as Disney is about Star Wars so quite a bit is still just theoretical. Theoretically speaking; a more powerful and lighter Challenger with a better suspension should just be an absolute rocket down the quarter mile track. It probably would not be surprising if this thing could get into the low 10’s in the quarter but it may be possible that it could produce times in the high 9’s.

It should be interesting to see how sales go with this project but it appears that FCA is banking on the already popular Hellcat Challenger and is trying to stay one step of their competitors. Part of the popularity of the Hellcat was the idea that it was a versatile car that could compete in any environment. Building a task specific car could narrow down the clientele but I imagine that there are enough Baby Boomers with money to burn who do not mind driving really fast in a straight line with a good ‘ole American V8. Stay tuned with more teasers for the Dodge Challenger Demon here.


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