Here’s How Far An Airbag Can Launch A Football

Safety devices such as airbags have come a long way since they were first introduced into cars. We first saw the airbag in a, what else, Mercedes S-Class back in 1981. Since then the adoption has been far and wide.Now, they’re standard on nearly every type of 4-wheeled transport on the roads. Airbags save lives, but there is a tremendous amount of force behind them.

As we have seen from the Takata airbag recall scandal, airbags can also be deadly. You standard airbag deploys in a frighteningly fast 200 miles per hour. Here’s a fantastic video showing just how much force these things have behind them.

But the guys over at ChrisFix took it a step further. Since the Super Bowl just happened, they wanted to know just how far these airbags would launch a football. The results are pretty astounding.

That is some serious distance, proving that when an airbag deploys properly, it can be lifesaving with it’s velocity, but deadly if used in the wrong way.


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