Learning How To Drift Step By Step

Before you go out and think: “I’ll just go watch this 22 minute video and become Ken Block,” please think again. Drifting is hard. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of tires (money), some form of talent, and a lot of good luck. So before you execute your drifting degree from YouTube University at your nearest Cars & Coffee, keep in mind that you should only drift in a controlled and closed course. With the disclaimer out of the way, learning how to drift is still pretty damn difficult.

The drifting course takes the guys from Everyday Driver from the most basic of maneuvers, like donuts, all the way to clutch kicks and handbrake initiation. They found that there’s so much involved with throttle control in drifting, let alone the initiation and steering control. This proves drifting is the form of motorsport where your single task is to control chaos and looking good while doing it. While they learned these techniques on flat asphalt just think of the extra unknown variables from road courses with elevation changes and off-camber turns.

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To those people that can actually drift and do it well, I SALUTE YOU!

(Source: Everyday Driver)


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