HOW TO: Make Carbon Fiber Wheels

Carbon fiber wheel is a great addition if you’re looking to delete precious seconds off your track time. They are a lot lighter than your traditional machined/cast/forged aluminum wheels and they are also a lot stronger. But how exactly do these wheels get made? How are each layer of carbon fiber cloth laid down and formed to result in something that is ultralight and extremely strong?

The folks at /Drive have talked to Christian Von Koenigsegg, all around great guy and automotive gearhead turned CEO of Koenigsegg (We know because we personally met up with CVK a couple of years ago during the reveal of the Koenigsegg Agera R in the 2014 New York International Auto Show.) CVK meticulously explains the process of hand laying each fiber cloth to create an ultralight wheel for that can withstand 280 mph speeds.

Now there are some processes proprietary to Koenigsegg, like how to create hollow sections of the spokes, regardless this is still a highly educational clip and gives us a glimpse into the Koenigsegg company itself, which makes a bunch of REALLY INSANE cars.


Source: Youtube


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