This Is EXACTLY How A V12 Should Sound. But In A Mercedes S-Class?

When you think of screaming V12s what comes across your mind? Old school F1 cars? That’s where my mind first goes. Maybe you think of something different like the new Aston Martin Vulcan or another Aston Martin, the V12 Vantage? Either are incredible choices.

Perhaps you go in a completely different direction and think of a Rolls Royce when you think V12. Or even one of a plethora of Ferraris. Any way you slice it, V12s are pretty amazing engines and they all sound a bit different. For Mercedes, the V12 came in many of their cars including a personal favorite the CLK GTR. Yet, what I’m about to show you might be the best sounding V12 of them all. And it’s in an S-Class. Wait, What?

You read that correctly. The S-Class isn’t known for it’s performance prowess, but it does have a V12 engine in it. SOmeone decided to exploit that fact and decided to take a w140 S600 and strap what we can only describe as several thousand hornets to the tail pipes. You’re going to want to turn this to 11.

MOTHER. OF. GOD. That’s easily one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard in my life. If anyone knows anything about this video, please contact us here and let us know about it. We will update this post with exactly what this screaming banshee is.

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