This Time Lapse Engine Rebuild Video Will Make You Hate Hybrids Even More

The saying is true: “They don’t make ’em like they used to.” This time lapse video of a flathead V-8 engine rebuild from a severely rusted 1946 Ford Pickup is truly impressive, and it’ll make you want to sell the hybrid, go old school V8, and breathe in some rich exhaust. Consisting of six days worth of work and over 40,000 photos, the video captures the immense amount of effort, the simplicity, and the beautiful engineering behind the old flathead engine. The folks in Thirlby Automotive and Edelbrock managed to extract the rusty engine, disassemble every single component, bored, cleaned, and refinished every inch of it. It was then repainted, assembled, and placed BACK in the original rusted car. The rest of the engine components looked new such as the two-barrel carburetors, manifold, heads, and wiring harness. The engine started back up and the rusty ol’ pickup got back into driving shape, ready to haul some goods just like the old days.

(Source: Youtube)


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