How To Lower Your McLaren 570S Resale Value In One Easy Step

Mistakes. They happen. We are only human after all. When we make these mistakes it’s best to learn from it and never do it again. This is how we grow as a human being.

But when you’re working around very high end cars like the McLaren 570s, it is no time to be making mistakes, like this fella did.

He was loading up a McLaren 570S that had participated in the Scandiera Tour that started out from Stockholm and ended up in Monaco, as seen below from the Supercars Club Arabia page.

The employee attempted to load the McLaren in reverse into the trailer. As he loaded it halfway, he exited the car, leaving the doors wide open. What he clearly failed to do was put the car in park prior to leaving. As expected, it automatically reversed up the ramp, as if there’s some invisible tractor beam pulling it in.

The only thing with enough stopping power preventing the McLaren from bashing the trailer was its flip up doors. Unfortunately, the door ended up moving beyond its designed range of motion rendering it broken and useless. Let this be a lesson to us all: Make your mistakes before you get anywhere near a McLaren

(Source: Youtube)


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