Taking The New Focus RS To The Nurburgring

If lapping the Nurburgring isn’t on your bucket list you’re gonna need to rewrite it. The Ring is one of the most dangerous places that still allows open track time for anyone with a license and a proper car. This challenging track is the perfect place to bring the new Focus RS, as it was practically raised their over years of testing and thousands of laps during its development. This mega hot hatch is perfectly happy to shuttle you around on your daily commute, but it truly relishes the opportunity to lap a track like the Ring. This week YouTubers Shmee150 and Boosted Boris take Ford’s new Mega hatch through it paces on the Green Hell, showing just how good the RS is at one of the world’s most challenging race tracks.

Lapping the Nurburgring for the first time alone is like climbing Mount Everest without Sherpa, luckily Shmee150 brought along, Boosted Boris, a very experienced guide and Nurburgring coach. Throughout the video Boris is able to demonstrate how vital experience plays into a safe lap around the track. During their laps numerous caution flags impact their lap time as other drivers did not leave the ring with their cars intact. As Boris explains lapping the Ring is not about proving yourself to someone, “You cannot impress anyone but you can make everybody laugh.” Lapping the ring is more about knowing your limits and approaching the ring with respect rather than trying to impressing others with a lap time.

The Nurburgring is a punishing place for both cars and drivers, and takes hundreds of laps to just learn the track, and thousands to become a master. Approaching the track as a novice can be an incredible experience if you approach it without something to prove, and an experienced guide.


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