Ford Celebrates Grandparents Day With Some Focus RS Drift Mode

Grand parents day is a time to gather your family and spend quality time together, or if you’re an engineer working at Ford, teaching your grandparents about the wonders of  the Focus RS’s drift mode. Three lucky grandparents had the opportunity to test out drift mode and show off their skills to the Ford engineering team, instead of the usual meal and arts and crafts featured at my grandparents day.

Needless to say drift mode does not have an age limit, as all three grand parents were able to pull off some great drifts on the skid pad with only a few cone casualties. For these lucky grandparents, drifting the Focus RS was accessible, and manageable even for those who didn’t understand what drifting was.

Cars can bring out the best in people, no matter the age, and something like the Focus RS can easily promote an exciting driving experience. The joy a car like the Focus RS can bring to anyone is exactly why we love cars, and never plan to stop.


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