Guy Tries To Flag Down Cars On The Nurburgring, Nearly Dies

Okay people, listen up. When you are near an active track, it’s probably, no DEFINITELY a good idea not to jump onto the track and wave your arms around like a dipshit. But that’s exactly what happened.

Said dipshit had great intentions though. This video from YouTube channel Auto Addiction shows a compilation of crashes due to an oil slick on one section of the Nurburgring famous for taking out cars. The man was in one of the cars that spun and was off to the side of the road. He then walked back to the corner where the slick was and tried to flag down cars to slow down. Well the inevitable happened and one car nearly spun out and killed him, or at the very least would have maimed him.

Luckily, no one was injured from the crashes or the spin where the man was almost hit. But this is a stark reminder that you shouldn’t be on an active track like this. No matter how good the intentions are, there are safety personnel on the track with Yellow flags for a reason. It’s not your job to help, it’s theirs.

Just stay in your cars folks.

(Source: YouTube)


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