The Sad Life Of A Rental Ferrari

Rental cars brings out the asshole in everyone. No matter who you are, nothing is better than driving a car that you don’t care about in a way that would be unthinkable in your own vehicle. A rental Camry from Hertz suddenly becomes a race car and every highway merge an acceleration test. If we drive normal rental cars like we stole them imagine the trouble we would cause in something more expensive and fast, like a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Exotic rental cars are becoming a big business and I think its great. Normal car enthusiasts may not be lucky enough to own an exotic car, but with a small payment you can experience a super car for a few hours and get a taste of the life you dream of. However, like all businesses, not all super car rental services are equal as Rob Ferretti discovers during some first hand marketing research in Las Vegas. Rob Ferretti is the owner of Gotham Dream cars, an exotic car rental service, and brings years of experience to the assessment of a $6oo 458 Rental car that seems too good to be true.

Rob quickly discovers a number of flaws associated with the 458 in question, and after 70,000 miles of careless drivers it’s a wonder the poor car still works. A cheap Ferrari rental may seem like a great idea to complete your Vegas trip of excess, but the risk associated with renting super car from a cut-rate service poses far too many risks. To truly experience a super car you don’t want to drive some high mileage unloved example that only gives you a small taste of the experience, you want a real life manifestation of your dreams. Renting a car like this with a torn drivers seat and obvious mechanical issues takes a car enthusiast pilgrimage, and completely ruins it. I’m all for experiencing your dreams on a reasonable budget but in this case spending a bit more money is clearly worth it.



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