The Tesla Model S P85D Is The Most Boring Track Car Ever Made

The Tesla Model S Gets a bad rap. It’s maligned by gear-heads the world over for being soulless since it has no engine and uses physics and electrons to power the car to ridiculous 0-60 times. While that might be true, the speed is undeniable. A family sedan is now faster than a McLaren F1 was in the ’90s and remember how mind blowing that was? People lost their collective minds over the F1. Now while the Model S isn’t from a McLaren F1 in terms of straight line speed, it is an utter disaster once you get it to the track.

The problem is in the batteries, not the drivetrain. Sure most AWD vehicles are at an inherent disadvantage on track due to understeer that plagues that set up, but in the case of the Tesla, this isn’t the draw back. As soon as the batteries start to overheat a bit, the systems in the car pull power and go into a limp mode to 1) conserve power and 2) keep the car from now bursting into flames after a large overheating adventure. Once limp mode is triggered by the car, it gets boring real fast.

Like they said, they could ask Tesla to open up the taps with some electronic wizardry, but that’s not in the spirit of the lightning lap. Tesla is straight line good, but track poor until more advanced and performance variants are built.

They always have the roadster too.

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