Moronic Driver Put Lives At Risk

We’ll file this under “Terrible Footage Coming Out of Russia.”

You’d think Russia’s main exports are natural gas, petroleum, and other raw metals, but based on the endless supply of terrible automotive crashes caught on video, we beg to differ. This time we see a Volkswagen Tiguan doing an improper left turn from the inside lane of a two-lane highway.

Judging from the road size and the easements on the side of the roads, we’re guessing that people would normally travel upwards of 50 or 60 mph. The Tiguan looked like it was going 5 mph as it was making a turn from the fast lane, cutting off an innocent Volkswagen Golf. The Golf probably saw the vehicle making the improper mistake but couldn’t come to a stop in time. The resulting broadside collision sent the Tiguan facing the opposite direction of travel, while the driver of the Golf looked like he was almost launched out of the side of the tiny hatchback.

We’re not sure how the Tiguan driver fared, but the driver of the Golf survived. However, he may experience a lot of pain for many days after this accident.

(Source: Youtube)


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