Oops It Did It Again…

Oops it did it again

It played at Cars & Coffee…

And lost some traction…

Oh baby baby…

Oops you think you drift well…

Yeah we’re going to spare the rest of it and stop with the songwriting there.

It has happened AGAIN, folks! You think all of the videos and jokes about Mustangs crashing at a Cars & Coffee would deter anyone with a Mustang or anything at all, to stop hooning their cars around crowds.

Luckily this time, it looked like no one got hurt as the sidewalk’s curb was able to stop the Mustang GT350’s ravenous desire to consume bodies. The brunt of the damage was absorbed by the GT350’s independent rear suspension and aluminum wheel (Had it been the GT350R’s carbon-fiber wheels it would have driven up the cost of the incident by about $1 billion)

Please take good care of your Mustangs, folks. They deserve better.

ford mustang meme - heavy breathing
h/t to Jalopnik


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