Now THIS Is How You Lap The Nürburgring. Study Up.

For most of us the closest thing we’ll ever get to the actual Nürburgring is via video games. And in the comfort and safety of computer simulation we’d brutally crash into walls, dive bomb into the grass, and ricochet into other cars in the corners as a means to cut down lap times. Even after all of those crutches we still won’t be able to clock in a decent lap time.

So it’s tremendously heroic GOD LIKE, for these professional drivers to register record breaking times in their respective cars in real life, around the actual ‘Green Hell.’ And in the case of the Ferrari 488 GTB, the 660 horsepower 3.9 liter V8 prancing horse was beautifully driven around the Nürburgring to register a time of 7:21.63. Which is an extremely fast time! Faster than the Dodge Viper ACR and the Maserati MC12, just to name a few. Watch the clip below and study up, so you don’t end up looking like these fools when driving around the Nürburgring!

(Source: Sport Auto)


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