Video Of This Guy’s First Ever Ride In A Supercar Is Exactly Why We Love Cars

If you read this website frequently, or even if you’re just a passerby, you probably know we are a community made up of auto enthusiasts. Clearly this is a auto dedicated page, but we hope our passion and our love of cars comes through in our writings and incoherent babbling. Chances are that you too love cars and are enthused by them. If so, kudos! You’re awesome.

But we are not the majority on this planet. Auto enthusiasts are in the minority. Most people like to get up, go about their day, and have a car they can rely on, not really caring too much about driving dynamics, cornering performance, or top speeds. Something that gets them from A to B while not breaking down too often makes everyone happy. Not us. We need something that slakes our thirst for performance first, while providing basic transport second. It’s why we daily drive 1990 NA MX-5 Miatas instead of that 2002 Honda Civic.

YouTuber Seen Through Glass has been in the US for a few weeks and brought out his best friend to check out a supercar, mainly because his best friend isn’t in to cars at all and have never been in a supercar before. Check out the reaction.

This is why we love cars. This is a video where a non-enthusiast is shown just how special cars can be and how emotion provoking they are. Cars can change you and make you feel things you just cannot experience anywhere else. Granted a Ferrari 488 can change most minds, even more mundane cars can do the same if we treat them like we would a supercar. We should all be so lucky to do this for all our friends.

Mazda’s got the right idea. Driving matters.

(Source: YouTube)


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