Rusty BMW i8 Gets Uglier The Closer You Get

The BMW i8 is the most futuristic car you can buy right now. Sure the Tesla cars are more of a technological breakthrough, but sitting in the i8 gives you the feeling that you’re driving in a car that was sent back through time. Combine the flip up doors, the sleek and tech ridden interior, and the concept-car like tri-tone exterior, the overall i8 package is something that will surely turn heads.

If those design cues aren’t enough to turn heads, the folks over at Metrowrapz just gave it a drastic makeover that will probably make a lot of people recoil in disgust or just become confused. They’ve taken singer Austin Mahone’s BMW i8 and applied a rust pattern wrap. That’s right… rust. Only the normally painted sections of the car has been given the rust pattern wrap while certain sections have been left alone, and if you look hard enough certain spots have been given a gold wrap treatment, maintaining the i8 tri-tone look.

Personally, this car looks like dogshit combined with the extremely gaudy gold rims. Had it been combined with wheels treated with the same look or something as decrepit we would have liked it a lot more. It would have looked like something that came out of a dystopian future or something an environmentally conscious MadMax would drive. But to each their own. Cars are another way for people to express their style and culture, and if this is what Mr. Mahone’s into, then we give him nothing but a hard squint and respect.

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(Source: Metrowrapz)


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