Kids Surprise Grandpa With A Christmas Gift He’ll Never Forget.

Apparently, The Angry Grandpa channel on YouTube is hugely popular. It has nearly 3 million subscribers and if you root through some of the video archives you’ll find exactly what you came for: videos of an angry grandpa.

What makes this video different than all the others is that his kids decided to change his life like he’s changed theirs. The story from the video goes like this: angry grandpa had a beautiful 1955 Chevy Bel Air, he was 16, he then let his sister take it to California where it broke down, and she sold it out from under him. Well after hearing the story countless times, they decided to buy him an exact replica of his car, after teasing him with it at the store of course. Which makes this video all the sweeter because you can see how much he loves it.

This is one of those that gives you the feels all over. Check it out and try not to get a little choked up.


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