VIDEO: When You Need New Tires But You DGAF

Newer tires come with something called “Wear Bars”, and they’re there to tell you that your tires are at the legal minimum tread of 2/32″. Ignoring this limit will affect your vehicle’s driving dynamics and performance, especially in inclement weather, putting yourself and other motorists at greater risk of an accident.

In this video below, the driver of this Toyota RAV4 Crossover went BEYOND the wear bar indicators on her tires to the point where she grinded her wheels on the road. We’re not sure what led up to her driving in this condition, but we’re guessing that she had some sort of a tire blowout, potentially due to very low tire pressures due to the cold weather. Given her nonchalant attitude about the entire thing she may not have been aware that her flat tire was no longer with her, and that she was using her alloy wheels as a wear item. At least she had the wherewithal to turn on her hazard lights to warn others of her stupidity.

Lesson here: Check your tire pressures and tire wear, especially when the weather gets cold.


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