Watch This 1300HP Semi Truck Pull Away From A Honda Like It’s Nothing

Big trucks on the highway. Man they’re annoying right? They’re slow, cumbersome to drive around, and just plain stupid. And then you see this and that changes your mind instantly.

The Peterbilt 379 is a class 8 truck built from 1987-2007. The engines of these trucks can produce tremendous amounts of horsepower. This particular example just to happened to have 1300HP. This truck also weight 11.5 tons. Now you’d think that even a lowly Honda would be able to blast by this “slow” and “plodding” truck, right? Oh so wrong.

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Check out what happens when the two get on an on ramp to a highway, with the point-of-view of the Honda. The truck CRUSHES the Honda like it’s nothing.

Be right back. Going to buy this truck immediately.


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