The Best Scenes Of Rallying – Epic Saves And Fails

Rallying may just be the riskiest and most exciting type of racing in existence right now. The motorsport that lives on both public and private roads, often encompassing rugged terrain, tests a man’s driving skills, courage, and luck. Someone on YouTube has put together the best scenes of rallying, and it’s quite epic. In the video you’ll see lots of skillful rallying, epic saves, some really terrible fails, and even some moose.

It’s no wonder you need an effective navigator to be a good rally driver, because to properly chain the turns and straights together. You need someone there to tell you what’s beyond your field of vision. With proper directions, you can initiate that sick drift knowing that you won’t plow into a tree upon exit. Check the video below for some of the most epic rally saves and fails:

(Source: YouTube)


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