Lotus Driver Races Like It’s A Video Game And Reached First Place Within One Lap

Just about anyone can drive a car. A very small number of those people can race around a track. And a much smaller percentage out of that group can truly compete and win. This video of a driver racing at Bathurst must be one of those people as this marks one of the most impressive feats in racing history. The Lotus driver, competing for the Lotus Trophy, started at least twelve positions behind the pole in the starting grid. Once it began the driver must have unlocked “God Mode” or turned on some kind of a cheat code. They aggressively overtook and late-braked critical sections like in a video game, and managed to reach first place within the first lap.

We don’t know how the race eventually ended for this racing hero. Judging from how the first lap they seem to be in a completely different league than the rest of the competition. Some of the passes seemed a little suspect, perhaps deserving a penalty. If a rear camera view existed, there probably was a lot of chaos and wreckage behind them. Regardless, what they accomplished was truly spectacular, and we’re glad it was completely captured on film. Check it out below:

(Source: YouTube)


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