Cash Me Ousside Girl Finds Her Way Into A Hyundai Superbowl Commercial. Did You Cash It?

If you turned off the television after watching the first half of Superbowl LI, you might have missed the greatest comeback of all time in Super Bowl history. You might have also missed the best automotive commercial aired during the whole game. Hyundai put together a tear-jerker of a commercial where they surprised a few soldiers stationed on a military base in Zagan, Poland with a special digital trip with their families to the Super Bowl.

The commercial had a wonderful message, reminding all the viewers that there are thousands of brave men and women out there in the world living away from their families, keeping us safe at home. This was a breath of fresh air compared to all of the politically charged commercials we saw during one of the best Super Bowls of all time.

However, slow down the onion cutting for a second. Did you catch the “cash me ousside” girl in the commercial?! She wasn’t exactly in the commercial, but the meme that is currently breaking the internet can be found on the barrel of a tank on the 0:20 second mark. Replay that thing one more time.

This tank certainly has more credibility to say “Cash me ousside, HOW BAH DAH” than that pre-adolescent girl on Dr. Phil. This little nugget just made this already awesome commercial that much better. Way to go Hyundai!

(Source: YouTube)


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